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USA FDA 510(k) Registered

For the United States market, zDent has been FDA registered after meeting rigorous standards and testing.
  • ADA 69 / ISO 6872 Strength Tested - Exceeds Standard
  • ADA 38 ISO 9693 Solubility Tested - Exceeds Standard
  • Radioactivity/Biocompatibility Tested - Exceeds Standard

Health Canada Registered

These products have been approved for sale to Canada, and have met all of the required testing and production stadards requried by Health Canada.
  • ISO 13485 Quality System Registered
  • Packaged for Canadian market
  • Free Ground Shipping to Canada (min order required)

CE Marked

These products have been CE certified and marked for sale throughout the Europe Economic Area (EEA), and have met all of the required testing and production stadards requried for CE marking.
  • CE Certified Medical Device
  • Packaged for International market
  • CE Marked for worldwide shipping.

5 Year / 10 Year Warranty

Dental copings and frameworks milled with our zirconia are warranteed against breakgage for 5 Years from the time that they are milled, or 10 Years if sintered with Microwave technology (which increases hardness by 10% and decreases degradation over time by more than 50%).
  • Design: Pontics must be at least 9mm cubed (3x3x3)
  • Remedy: we will either replace the block or offer a milled replacement, at our option.
  • Visit for additional information on microwave sintering

IdentCeram Two-Part Stickers Included.

Two-part IndentCeram stickers are included with each order allowing both the lab and the dentist to maintain physical records about the exact materials used in each restoration.
  • Marked with the Zirconia alloy logo approved by the ADA Council on Dental Materials.
  • Endorsed by the National Association of Dental Laboratories and the Health Insurance Institute of America.
  • Two parts - Lab Copy and Dentist Certificate

ISO 9001 Registered Facility

All zDent blocks are designed and made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001 registered and follows the industry's highest standards for insurance of quality manufacturing.
  • All blocks are made of 100% Tosoh zirconia powder.
  • Small blocks are precision manufactured using a uniaxial press.
  • Large blocks and discs with a cold isostatic press.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

AThe Material Safety Data Sheet (also known as OSHA Form 20), must be provided by all martierals manufacturers in the USA, and users are entitled to see a copy of this MSDS for every product they work with You can download our Material Safety Data Sheet by clicking on the download button to the left.  Key features:
  • 16 Prescribed Sections on 7 Pages
  • State and Federal Right-to-Know Data
  • Download MSDS as PDF via button to left

Instructions for Use

zDent materials are distributed to Dental Laboratories for use by Prescription Only as indicated for creation of dental structures.  You can download our Instructions for Use document by clicking on the download button to the left.  Key features:
  • Two-pages of Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Includes Sintering and Veneering Instructions
  • Download file as PDF via button to left

Sintering Instructions

Final hardness of this material is achieved via high temperature sintering after the unit is milled and before porcelain is applied.
  • Conventional Sintering: Ramp 3-4 C/min and hold at 1500 C for 2 hours
  • Microwave Sintering: Ranp 100 C/min and hold at 1500 C for 25 mins
  • Review Instructions for Use for Additional Details on Sintering

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